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FacialsSkin Care

The SKIN Facial                                                                   $80

Today you see so many different kinds of facials on menus. We have decided to offer just one. Our reason is that it limits us to what we have written. We have found, in our experience, we will do what ever is needed for your skin with or without a description. We have one facial at one price. It includes a cleansing, steam, 2-3 different kinds of exfoliation (depending on what the skin needs), extraction, massage, and mask.  One hour.

The process is this . . . At the time of your service the Aesthetician will assess your skin, discussing your habits, needs, and wants. This will aid your Aesthetician in determining what products your skin will need. Due to seasonal changes in the skin, this process will be done at each visit for all of our monthly and or repeat clients.

A Custom Oncology Facial                                               $58

This Customized Facial is specifically designed for sensitive skin often brought on by chemotherapy or radiation and performed by an Oncology Certified Aesthetician. It will begin with consultation to go over all your skin needs and concerns. You will enjoy a gentle cleanse to the face, neck, and decollete, followed by a detoxification mask, and soothing massage. Your facial ends with a nourishing mask, serum, and hydrating moisturizer. We use all natural products and those products will be available to you. 45 minutes.

A Hand & Arm Facial                                                          $48

The Hand & Arm Facial will make you feel relaxed in minutes.  The soothing treatment includes skin smoothing exfoliation, a moisturizing massage on hands and arms, followed by a warm, hydrating towel. 25 minutes.

Extra Add-On Services

The Lash Tint $22
The Brow Tint $18
The Lash Perm $34

Eyelash Tint

Eyelash tinting is a process wherein your eyelashes are dyed to make them look darker.  Eyelash tinting benefits people that are sensitive to mascara, active in sports (especially swimming), people who just have no time, and ideal for people who wear contacts because they don’t have to suffer putting on mascara.  The process is quick (about 15 minutes) and uses a safe vegetable dye to tint.  We offer black (of course), blue, and several shades of brown.

Eyelash Perm

Eyelash perming entails permanently curling of your eyelashes.  It is just like a perm for the hair.  It takes about 30 minutes and lasts about 6-9 weeks.  It will enhance the eyes by making the lashes seem darker and fuller, not to mention never using a curler again!  Followed with The Last Tint, you could go all swimming season long without wearing mascara.


Brow $17
Lip $16
Sides of Face $16
Whole Face $40
The Back Wax $45
The Bathing Suit Wax $40
Thong Bikini $48
Brazilian Bikini $68
Whole Leg $80
Partial Leg $55
Underarm $25
Shoulders $25
Nape $16
Stomach $15
Chest $25

Spray Tan                                                             $30Spray Tan

The SKIN Spa provides the ultimate custom spray tan while keeping the look and health of your skin.  Using the Norvell Custom Organic spray tan system, we can give you a thinner, younger appearance and provide a healthy glow.   We specialize in hiding veracious veins, and cellulite through our superior spray tanning techniques using organic solution that is among the best in the world. Our unique solution boasts ingredients such as ginseng and rosemary and is Aloe-Vera enriched.  It has anti-aging botanical’s, vitamin E and antioxidants.  It is applied CUSTOM by our spray tan expert, with over 7 years experience, using air spray, NOT a machine.  This ensures a more natural looking tan. 15 minutes.

We know beautifully bronzed skin gets noticed and it makes us look and feel our best. If you want your tan to look natural…with no harsh chemicals, we are the perfect fit.  If you have high standards and demand perfect color, flawless application, and consistent results, you are our favorite client.  We would like to help you achieve your best look possible.  Your tan will last between 7 to 10 days.

To prepare:

  • Shower, shave & exfoliate (this is to ensure a longer lasting tan)
  • Do not apply body or face moisturizer
  • Schedule all hair, spa treatments, and workouts prior to your spray tan appointment
  • Wear loose fitting dark clothing (the organic product will wash out most clothing, Lycra will hold onto it for several washes)

To tan,  wear what you feel most comfortable in. The majority of tanners wear their under clothes, bathing suit, just the bottoms, or not (women only)! It’s completely up to you. Your session will last about 15 minutes. Men are welcome, but must be covered.  you’ll have access to a bathroom to prepare, ie. to remove makeup, etc.  All services are done in privacy.


  • No showering until the next day.  (Rapid Tan users need only 3 hours before shower)
  • For best results take short warm showers using mild soap; shaving only when needed using a light touch.
  • Pat skin dry and moisturize with a mild lotion or tan enhancer
  • Apply perfumes to clothing, avoiding skin contact

You may feel slightly damp or tacky during the hour following your spray; however you may go about your daily routine. Stay dry and avoid touching your skin, as you want your tan to dry flawlessly.  You will notice your tan darkening over the next 10-12 hours, or overnight. After this time, shower lightly allowing the bronzer to wash off.  Our solution is water soluble and will wash out of clothes and sheets.

Oncology ServicesOncology Services

What this means is we have customized our products and services specifically for clients going through the challenges of cancer.  We are the only Spa certified through The Skincare Therapy Training for Oncology Aesthetics.

Relaxation Massage                                                 $50

Due to the many challenges, this 30 minute massage is relaxation only.  With specific care taken to not disturb the lymph system but make you feel revived and relaxed.

Brow Restore                                                             $45

Let us teach you how to create natural looking brows until yours come back in.   (Includes take home product & brow brush)

A Gift of Touch

If you have a loved one who faces oncology challenges of treatments, consider giving the Gift of Touch.  We customize your gift of any dollar amount to use toward any spa services, or we can put together a special package.  You can be sure that the gift you give will provide the comfort and relaxation you wish for him or her.

Teens & Mini Me Spa DaysTeen Facials


The Teen Facial                                                         $55

Deep cleansing, toning, steam, extractions, and mask in an hour. You’ll learn about home care routines that help produce clearer, healthier skin.


Mini Me Spa

The Kids Facial                                                       $45

This mini facial is designed to introduce the basics of good skincare and is a fun and educational primer for a lifetime of healthy skin. This facial experience includes a thorough cleansing and toning of the skin, a gentle mask with steam, and a facial massage.